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Young Catholic
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YCA are loyal to the Magisterium and faithful to Benedict XVI’S teaching with regard to Summorum Pontificum (2007)
• The movement strives to avoid division, exercise cooperation, flexibility and most importantly sincerity of faith.
• It promotes orthodoxy with charity
• No political position is espoused
• It is loyal to the Magisterium and the teaching of the Church
• Co-operation with other orthodox Catholic groups is to be encouraged.

What kind of activities could I organise?
1. National or potentially international gatherings.
2. Local Groups - why not start a Rosary group?
3. Adoration
4. Catechesis
5. Pro-Life demonstrations and initiatives
6. Saying and promoting the Rosary
7. Marian Processions
8. The First Five Saturday Devotions
9. The brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and other devotions such as the Miraculous Medal
10. Practicing the spiritual and corporal Works of Mercy
11. Organising Masses
12. Social gatherings